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Before the server is opened, everyone has the opportunity to take part in interesting promotions. By not spending a lot of time, you can not only receive interesting and valuable prizes, but also help with advertising our server. You can choose any event convenient for you, be it a repost Facebook, Skype mailing or mailing servers.

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What's waiting for you

We are waiting for a fascinating server with personal modifications that you will not see anywhere else. The experienced development team made every effort to make your gameplay unforgettable. A thoughtful economy, a customized balance of characters and monsters, many events, all this will confirm that this server has the right to be called the best!

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Tell me, how long have you been in search of? How many days, months, and maybe years?

How much time did you spend to find really high quality and serious Mu Online project, where you will be able to show their Strenght and have a great time, not thinking about the problems?

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News and Updates


2019-08-27 02:43

Job Temple

Change Logs

1- Mobs Spawn has been fixed

2- Items drop has been decreased

3- D12 Glow has been fixed

4- You can now Exchange Devil's spirit

5- Monsters arround Normal uniques has been removed

6- Magic pop rate has been decreased

7- Jangan -Donwhang Mobs has been Decreased

8- Mirror Dimension Teleport Available in Samarkand Teleport

9- Add new Drop to Apis (1-2 Revers-1 Global-10 Zealot Coin)

10- Holy Water Temple is Available now

11- Job Uniques Anubis-Isis : 10.30 AM

  PM -5 Pm Drop Isis-Anubis (STR) 5x Lottery coins scroll

 1x Lucky magic powder - 4x behemoth-10-12 Job Scroll (50)-Awakening stone

12- increase Silks per hour 2Silk/1hour

13- Vote For silks has been added to website

14- Premium price has been decreased

15- Global pricae has been decreased

16- Nova dg12 drop rate has been decreased

17- Added global for all normal Uniques

18- Added immortal stone for 120 Uniques

18- Awakening stone drop rate has been increased

18- Added New Silk scroll 5-10 to item mall (F10)

19- New character now stars with premium 5% (7days) & Devil 5%

20- Added new rewards for Job

You can get Job points from trading goods & kill job uniques

Job Rewards

• Trader : 8 Arena coins , 8 Zealot coin & 8 Job Points For each 28x Slot

• Hunter : 2 Arena coins , 2 Zealot coin & 2 Job Points For each 28x Slot

• Thief : 5 Arena coins , 5 Zealot coin & 5 Job Points For each 28x Slot

Moon items Degree 12 : Check Npcs